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Exploring Auditing

What is auditing ?

Auditing is the inspection of the accounting records and procedures of a business or organisation, by a trained accountant, mainly for the purpose of forming an opinion on the fairness and truth of the financial statements. Usually an audit is conducted by someone from the company itself, an internal audit or by a third-part auditor - an independent or external audit.

An independent audit examines not just the finances of a business, but every other area as well. This is generally to make sure that the company’s procedures are being followed, and to determine whether illegal activity such as embezzlement took place. A tax audit determines whether the appropriate tax was paid.

Not just one...

There are many types of auditors, and even many more audting services based on the job at hand.

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Become an Auditor !

Check out our guide and links to job opportunities in the lucrative financial services sector.

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